Monday, September 28, 2015

Making it Simple ~ Braised Pork Butt with Carrots and Onions

Coming home to home cooking...

A simple yet delicious meat is pork butt. It may not sound good, but believe me it is and its brainy. Why? Because, it is a good source of meat protein and its inexpensive. Despite its colorful name, pork butt does not come from anywhere near the butt or behind of the pig. In fact, quite the opposite. Pork butt is a cut of meat coming from the shoulder of the pig. Seriously! Pork butt or pork shoulder needs a long, slow cooking process. It is great barbecued, braised, or used as stew meat.

Today, in just one hour and an additional half hour, I will be serve braised pork butt with carrots and onions.  In fact, while the pork butt 'shoulder' slow cooked, I went for a bike ride.

In a deep enamel 'stew' pot, saute one whole onion with fresh dried herbs in 5 tbs of olive oil on med heat. Next, lay in your pork butt (one pound m/l) and let it sizzle on both sides, moving the onions around and on top of the pork butt, cover and let it simmer for 6 min on med heat... but keep an eye on it. Then turn up the heat and let it bubble a bit, drizzling a bit more olive oil. There will be juices released from the onion and pork which you want to use for braising. Next, add fresh scrubbed cleaned baby carrots. Cover and let simmer for 90 min on low heat.

Prepare potatoes as an additional side.

~Tutti a Tavola!

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