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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Dinner's Ready and Waiting for You...

“Dinner’s ready!” is the traditional cry with which Western mothers used to call their playing children indoors and grab the attention of their newspaper-reading husbands. “Dinner’s ready!” We’re about to eat, so drop what you’re doing.

The call represented the most important moment of the day, a confirmation of family life, of the caring role of the mother and the authority of the father. So it went on for many generations, in many cultures and countries. And, perhaps, in some small towns or villages or big city places it still does.

The table is a place of memory where we become aware of who we are and with whom we are. Around the table, all previous meals come together in every meal, in an endless succession of memories and associations.

The table is the place where the family gathers, the symbol of solidarity, or indeed the backdrop to family rows and childhood tragedies. At the table the eater is tamed. At the table we relive our youth through the recipes of the past, our hatred of liver, or love for roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Its where we discover ourselves through others and share in the joy of life or in the sadness of those lost. There is the unsaid apology when eyes meet or the tears of loneliness that mix with the burnt cauliflower or the smell delicate sauces and smiles that offer hope ~ adapted from unknown author!

~ Tutti a Tavola is Italian for 'All to the Table'!

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