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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What makes good Italian food, makes good food...

If you have been disappointed eating out or cooking at home, it means that you either made or were served over cooked food, or worse under cooked food or experienced an over/under complicated recipe. And, you might have used or were served a dish which had ingredients that were not fresh but pre-made.

Many ingredients that are pre-made can be used but most are not good quality because they are cheaply made as in prepared and packaged.. boxed, jarred or frozen.

Yes, there are some good quality products out there to buy that are packaged, boxed, jarred and frozen but knowing the difference is not always easy though not so difficult.  Check the amount of salt, sugar and added ingredients.

Find products that have limited salt, limited sugar and limited added ingredients (added for flavor/color/texture/preservatives) whether artificial or not ...added ingredients are not always a good thing. You want to buy products that are 'clean' ... simple.

For instance, when making spaghetti, choose quality tomato sauce (making your own preferably) and pasta.  Most of all, be a masterful conductor in the kitchen and know when to finish your dish and serve! 

~ Tutti a Tavola!

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