Thursday, January 11, 2018

Conducting in the kitchen... Timing is Everything!

You know the old saying, "timing is everything" and so when it comes to conducting the cooking at home that rule applies... just ask any brainy home chef.

Timing means having a good sense of rhythm in order to get the best results. As brainy home cooks, we need to understand our rhythm when conducting our cooking. Sometimes, it comes from having a feeling for certain things that we know go together, and using the right temperature.

Also, we can know what to do based on how food items look and smell as well as how they are to touch: texture, color, and smell... all play into the rhythm for cooking a delicious hot meal.

For me, smell is most telling but also applying visual tactics are very important. If you want a creamy sauce, then be careful about the order of ingredients so that no curdling takes place (visually see developing and quickly resolve). A creamy sauce should look smooth and well balanced as in blended and seasoned.

To understand your own sense of timing and or rhythm in the kitchen: conducting the orchestration of a meal, start by paying close attention to what senses you prefer to use and what works better for you  over others: sight, smell, taste and touch. And, get cooking, conducting 'orchestrating' your meals.

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