Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Eating food in and out of season...

Yes, eating foods (largely fruits and vegetables) that are in season are far better for you than eating those that have been raised thousands of miles away and transported, or those raised in local hydroponic warehouse type facilities that grown miles upon miles of greenery. Looks pretty but its not the same as growing in fresh air and sunshine.

Now, if you live in a geography that is more than moderate, you can enjoy a longer growing season. If you don't, then you either go without or bend to corporate grocery stores that fly in and or truck it in.  In order to take advantage of enjoying fruits and vegetables year round that were grown in the fresh air and sunshine you will have to harvest or purchase in season; enjoy all that you can and then process (can or freeze/dry) whatever you have left over.

I love to pull out a jar from homemade applesauce this time of year or any preserved fruit or vegetable that normally harvests outdoors. Once you dig in, you can taste all that is brainy good!

In this new year, plan to grow your own and start eating in and out of season all that you reap.

External Source ~ http://www.eatingwell.com/article/9941/eating-in-season-a-recipe-for-life/

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