Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tomato Soup ~ Morphs Forward and Backward???

Nothing could be better on a cold December night.....

The brainy gourmet has always been about frugality and flavor. When it comes to any soup you can move forward by starting with chicken stock and then by adding to the stock every other day, with either pasta, rice or veggies...tomato. Backward only means you subtract.

For instance, a few days ago, I made a delicious farm style homemade minestrone soup. Yesterday, we were a bit tired of minestrone so I strained out the rest of the beef and vegetables (served as side or frozen for future) in order to retain a lovely tomato soup stock. To that, I added one (or two depending) small can of tomato paste and in no time...I had a rich flavorful tomato soup. As a side added in/to individual bowls, I suggest either rice or pasta. And of course, one of the best sides to just plain ole tomato soup is a grilled cheese sandwich.

*Never use stock or serve soup past a 5-6 day time frame; of course within that frame keep the stock/soup properly refrigerated.

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