Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Beef Stew ~ Soup that is Quick and Easy!

Who wouldn't love a pot of beef stew on a snowy evening...

Italians make beef stew but its thickness depends on the region. Many Italian home cooks tend to make it more of a soup and not a thick stew. I happen to love juicy food and that means food that has rich amounts of liquid. The reason that most stews have more liquid is that Italians are frugal cooks and quite often a stew comes after a few kinds of soup.

For instance, I made a minestrone, then it became a tomato soup and now a 'stew'. What was drained off the minestrone is reintroduced back in along with fresh green pepper and onion. Of course, the last bit of tomato soup provides the liquid.

Begin by sauteing on med. heat one chopped onion and one large green pepper in olive oil, drizzling enough to lightly cover the bottom of a covered stove top enamel pot. Then add 3 cups of trimmed and diced top sirloin steak which was marinated earlier in olive oil, balsamic vinegar (a tiny bit) and meat tenderizer. Also, sprinkle in dried herbs: rosemary, mint, oregano and sage as well as a bit of garlic powder.

Once the meat is browned, add any left over veggies from the minestrone (no pasta/rice). You can also add a handful of baby carrots. Simmer on the stove for 45-50 min on low heat.

Prepare a side of boiled potatoes and a fresh baked
focaccia bread.

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