Monday, September 19, 2016

The Brainy Gourmet ~ A Ministry of Food and Flavor!

If you don't know it already, the Brainy Gourmet is a ministry of food with flavor. Its about being frugally brainy in the kitchen. There is a basic pantry list on the right margin of this blog from which one can begin to be frugally brainy. Of those basics and including the extended pantry list, one can also notice that sugar and flour are not listed. Why? Because, to make a brainy meal, they are not really necessary.

Of course, the Brainy Gourmet uses from time to time products that can and some do contain sugar (s) such as with pasta and bread. The point being, there is no reason to use or add sugar when making a brainy meal at home. As for flour, when making a sauce flour is not necessary. When making a gravy... yes, but in small amounts - tbs. Again, flour is not something I use on a regular basis. In fact, when making the chicken fried steak last week, I had to borrow a cup from the neighbor.

This blog advocates all frugal practices in the kitchen that are brainy in terms of  being healthy and cost effective which you can achieve with a little brainy ingenuity.

Here are some Brainy favorites: But first lets see what can be made with the basics!

and what can we make from the extended pantry list?

and the list goes on...

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