Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Brainy Golden Curry Anyone?

Can anyone cook a good curry? Absolutely! The key ingredient is simply - curry.

There are a few more necessary ingredients but necessarily... the key ingredient is curry. The brainy gourmet also likes to add a bit of coriander, turmeric, garlic powder and dried herbs: rosemary/lavender, mint, oregano and some red pepper flakes.

To begin, you will need to saute, on med heat, in a mix of melted coconut oil and butter, one glove of garlic, one whole onion and one green pepper, washed and chopped. Once the garlic, onion and green pepper have begun to brown on the edges, add 1 lb skinless, boneless cubed chicken breast.

As the meat cooks, prepare to 1 cup of add heavy cream, and 1/4 cup of sour cream. Let this mixture of garlic, onion, green pepper, chicken breast and 2 kinds of cream bubble a bit on high heat before adding your spices: 2 tsp of curry powder, 1 tsp of coriander, 1 tsp of turmeric, 1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes (or more depending on your preference of 'hot'). For a 'redder' color and hotter taste you can add 1 tsp of 'red' hot chili sauce. In past times, I have left that out due to some family member's taste buds and squeezed lemon juice over the top as well as dried grated coconut and cilantro.

Lastly, let this mixture simmer on low heat for about 20 min.  Prepare rice as a side and serve.

 Anyone want to step out for curry?
Why not stay home and make it your own!

  ~ Tutti a Tavola!

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