Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Veal with Roasted Red Peppers on a Bed of Linguine

Italian cooking...for the fast and frugal!

Someone said to me recently, "Italians are about fast cars and good food." I said, "and that's why they  invented spaghetti bolognese and the Lamborghini"?

Yeah, fast and frugal, that's what its all about. For this dish you will need to buy: one lean veal loin. One jar of roasted red peppers or do them yourself on the stove top and of course, linguine pasta.

Begin by sauteing on med. heat your veal, in medallion size chunks, in 3 tbs of olive oil and the same of coconut oil. Add your seasonings: rosemary or lavender (ready to use from the garden) and or mint, with some oregano including a dash of garlic powder.

Once browned, add your roasted red peppers, including some of the liquid from the jar. If you roasted your own, add 1/4 of beef stock. To build up the sauce, also add 4 tbs of apricot brandy and the same of apricot jam, 1 tbs of organic honey and 1/2 tsp of ground ginger or coriander. As it bubbles and perks, you may want to thin down the sauce, add beef stock but only a little at a time to retain the consistency of the sauce. Cover and let simmer on low while you boil water for the linguine.

As the pasta become tender, drain, rinse and ladle onto a low lipped serving plater. Top with the veal and peppers in sauce.

~ Tutti a Tavola!

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