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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hosting an Easter Brunch?

Hosting an Easter brunch is nothing to panic about. Its best when kept simple which means serving only 3 hot dishes and having guests bring a dish to pass, preferably cold sides: salads, cheeses, fruits, and deserts. This way, you can prepare up to three hot dishes and have them in place when everyone arrives.  Use a long folding table either against one wall or t-boned from a wall or in the middle of the room if you have the space, put a table cloth and put out dishes and silverware accessible from both sides or one end.  Use crockpots for the hot dishes and make sure guests know the exact time you plan to eat.

Greet guests and have your spouse or children help out by hubby taking their dish to pass and the kids their coats or personal items to be stowed in the closet or spare bedroom. As you greet, have guests move toward the dining area and get in line. It sounds like herding, but I prefer doing it in this way. If you prefer a bit more casual beginning, with visiting time first, then as guests start to arrive, greet (with hubby and kids to help as mentioned above) and introduce them around getting guests to mingle until all are present. But, make sure the crocks are set to low/warm and the food inside will not dry out if you spend 20-25min. with guests before sitting down to the table.

So, what are the best crockpot brunch dishes? Shrimp/Crab or Chicken 'ala' King served with croquettes, a layered veggie Omelette, and hot homemade chunky apple sauce for topping crepes. Again, as I already mentioned, guests can bring cold salads, cheese/ fruits/veggies trays and or cake/pie deserts.

Happy Easter and God Bless ~ The Brainy Gourmet!

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