Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Plums are Yum

What to do with Summer Fruits?

In Europe, this time of year is full of the flesh and I mean purple plum flesh, juicy and sweet right from the tree. My family in Italy and in Poland like to cook and bake with plums fresh and dried. The best chicken cacciatore is made with dried plums - prunes. I also like them on pizza and in cobblers.

Since I love this later part of summer not only for the harvest of garden and orchard fresh veggies and fruits but also because the warm summer sun and all possible trips to the beach. So, if you want to be quick about your cooking this time of year, the Brainy Gourmet does not mind at all.

You can buy a frozen pizza and top with fresh ripe plums, peaches or even apricots. Another great treat is a gooey sweet cobbler. Grab a container of pop up fresh dough and line a baking dish and stuff with plums. As for drying, I put pitted halved plums, peaches and apricots in my over and they shrivel up nicely.

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