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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Soup and a Sandwich in times like these...

Being frugal is key to being a brainy gourmet and especially in times like these. Its knowing what can go into the pot.

Having said that, you know that I always start a soup from a meat stock; either chicken, turkey, beef or pork. And, yes, even pork can make a good stock as well as can an onion or leek.

I like to use the pork butt or picnic cut. It always has tender meat and though it has tasty fat, it is really leaner than you think. Besides, a little saturated fat is not bad for you. In fact, our brain is composed of nearly 60% fat.

·  Liver Health: Saturated fat encourages the liver cells to dump their fat cells, which helps the liver to function more effectively .
·  Immunity: Saturated fatty acids, especially the kinds found in butter and coconut, help white blood cells to recognize and destroying invading viruses and bacteria. Go get ‘em, boys!
·  Hormones: Eating saturated fat tends to increase free testosterone levels, which helps to repair tissue, preserve muscle, and improve sexual function.

So, if you have your stock, then just add one tube or small can of tomato paste. Stir and toss in some fresh dried herbs, cover, simmer on med heat for 30-40 min. As it bubbles away, prepare rice or any pasta that you prefer.

As for the grilled cheese, using sourdough bread is a favorite. I make em the brainy way or like  grandma used to make. Which means that even though its literally a sandwich to hand, it should be buttered on both sides of the bread.

Put one slice in the skillet, butter (olive oil or coconut oil can be substituted) side down. On top of that slice of bread, lay on two slices of Sharp or Medium Cheddar cheese or Gouda. Cover the cheese with another slice, butter side up. Cover and let them sizzle.

Make a stack of sandwiches, put the soup on the table and call everybody around.

~ Tutti a Tavola!

*Source on fat for the brain ~ and

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