Thursday, March 29, 2018

Easter Breads to Celebrate Life...

For Christians around the world, Easter is very important because it is the Passover which symbolizes hope, a new promise and even transformation. Which is why many Easter traditions center around the wonder of new life and traditional foods that suggest new life: eggs, green vegetables, and spring lamb figure prominently in the cuisine; and of course, an infinite variety of rich Easter breads. Check out the link provided for some of the best Easter breads baked with care and with love.

Now, if you find that baking is not your thing, you can buy many of these breads at your local ethnic grocery store or even supermarket bakery counters. And, if you want to try baking one but don't have time to prepare the dough, then just buy frozen bread dough and use that.

A brainy good secret is cut or pull apart the thawed dough into threes. Roll or press out into three pancakes... then onto each flat piece layer with orange zest, raisins or other dried fruits and even nuts. Roll up each one and intertwine... 'braid' them together. Lastly, pull the braid into a circle 'wreath' and place on parchment 'baking' paper on a baking sheet. Dress the top with egg wash, and simply follow the directions for rising and baking as directed on the frozen bread dough package.

Be brainy and be a celebrant of life and life everlasting in Jesus Christ ~ Happy Easter!

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