Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer is just getting started!

Hot dogs on the 4th... why not hamburgers on the 5th!

Everyone has either their favorite hamburger joint or favorite homemade hamburger concoction.
The best way to begin when cooking at home is to buy quality ingredients: ground beef/pork or even lamb can be used. Next, decide the method of cooking: grilling outdoors, frying in a pan on the stove, covered baking in the oven or in the broiler.

And, consider the preferred temperature of the burger: well done, medium rare or rare. Of course, if using pork or lamb medium rare or rare is not recommended. Lastly the bread roll or 'bun' and sauce make the burger a food experience to remember.

Check out the Brainy Gourmet webpage for quality products at Dean and Deluca and or Stonewall. Enjoy the summer and summer fun home cooking!

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