Monday, August 22, 2016

A Brainy Gourmet Always Has Stock!

The one thing many food bloggers won't or just don't tell you is that the best way to be brainy in the kitchen is to always have stock. Homemade stock is of course preferred and easy to do, but store bought is quite acceptable. However, homemade has more deliciously rich fat in it than store bought.

Fat...what? Today, many home chefs are led to 'fear' the fat in food stuffs (in their diet) but its not fat as much as it is sugar that is the culprit in our diet. Certainly, we watch our fat in take, but fat is necessary aspect of a healthy balanced diet while sugar is certainly not.

There is no mysterious means or recipe when it comes to making a delicious rich stock. Chicken stock is highly recommended as the most versatile... in the meaning that whatever dish you are preparing, a little chicken stock can be added to wake it up and keep it liquid in context of making: soup, sauce, stew, gravy and even for stir fry to retain moisture.

Start with a large stock pot, add water, a dash or two of salt depending your dietary requirements, and one whole chicken, skin on and bone in. You can also use separate pieces rather than a whole chicken... again with skin on and bone in which make that rich taste. I like to add dried herbs: rosemary, mint and oregano. Cooking time - 1hr+ depending on size of whole chicken or pieces used. Drop the chicken into your pot of water which has started to boil, reduce heat and simmer.

I am not talking about making soup, I am talking about making stock which can become soup, or a stew, or sauce etc. The stock is your base to be used as you need. For vegetarians, just use your favorite vegetables in the same way, straining them off for a tasty vegetable stock.

Helpful as in  'brainy' kitchen product!

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