Friday, July 1, 2016

Cajun Kitchen ~ Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

Once in a while, the brainy gourmet likes to go Cajun crazy... why?

Today, because its Friday and that means the end of the week and that means leftovers. Now, I don't always put leftovers together. Most of the time, I like to take one left over and add something new. But, occasionally, there comes the occasion for Cajun Kitchen. And, that's exactly what I made tonight. From this week's leftovers: angel hair pasta with tomatoes, stir fry veggies and some coconut chicken. To that, I decided to add fresh shrimp for a dish that was... lip smacking good topped with crushed jalapeno and lime chips, not to mention some cayenne hot sauce.

It came together rather quickly. My sweetie 'hubby' microwaved the left over pasta. I stir fried the shrimp in red pepper infused olive oil, garlic powder and chili powder. To that, I add the left over stir fried veggies and diced up leftover coconut chicken.  Once, the pasta was done, all we had to do was wait for the shrimp and veggies to get a little black crispiness gathering around the edges of the skillet.

Took a serving platter, laid out the pasta and poured out the Cajun Kitchen. Crushed the chips to top it and called everyone to the table... and I see someone grabbed the soy sauce. Oh well, to each his own.  I went for the Redhot cayenne.

*As an extra side, I also prepared pan fried 'skin side down' salmon.

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