Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mix and Match ~ Brainy Gourmet Advice

There are plenty of good recipes out there; one can see many in food magazines and on pinterst that are eye catching. But, in order to be a brainy gourmet, ask yourself what can I mix and match? Does cauliflower really go with olives??? If I bake the cauliflower in with the chicken, olives and whatever else what will I end up with? Will I end up with a huge casserole that no one will eat. What will it look like and taste like tomorrow? Will I be throwing away good food because no one wanted to eat the cauliflower and olive casserole bake?

Most often we are lured by what we see and thus image the taste. It can in fact be quite good but will it all get eaten and is it practical to make so much if it doesn't. That should be our concern as frugal brainy gourmets. It is always best to add things separately or be able to strain out/off veggies and or meats that could use later or just don't want hanging around until the end of the week. Its best to cook what can used in other ways or changed up quickly. That's frugality.

When it comes to being a good at home chef, it is best to keep things in their proper place. Don't mix meats with vegetables. Cook them separately as much as possible. They can be arranged together on the plate, they can be mixed on demand. Many vegetables have strong flavors and aromas, cauliflower and broccoli as well as brussel sprouts.

There are vegetables that do work with meat or fish. They are those that enhance the flavor of the meat or fish: such as red/green peppers, tomatoes, onion, garlic, i.e. These can be used when cooking, added in. And, the best aspect about these flavor enhancing veggies is that also provide a base for a sauce which cauliflower does not. Meats and their flavor enhancing veggies can be mixed or blended. So, mix and match but don't mix up!

This lesson also applies to homemade soups; don't add items/ingredients to soup you cannot strain out/off and don't cook pasta or rice in the soup. Otherwise, you will have only that kind of soup for the rest of the week and by the second day, most won't want it a third. You can freeze it, but freezing some soups especially those with pasta or rice added in don't heat up well as in look nice as in fresh. If you like and want to Live well, live frugal!

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