Friday, October 31, 2014

Tuna Steak with Fettuccine al Pomodoro

Price Per Serving: $9.25 (incl. glass of white wine)

This is a quick and very brainy gourmet dish... in the meaning that guests or your family will be amazed with the presentation and flavor; this dinner is also affordable and very filling. The cost per serving is no more than 9 dollars per adult including the wine.

On Friday, I like to cook fish. I am particular about the kind of fish and where it comes from. White tuna is actually pink when you buy it fresh from the fish monger. Beautiful thick cuts of 'meat' pink flesh that draws you in.  The best tuna steak is either fresh from the fish monger or flash frozen and shipped with dry ice for safe delivery to your door is what I prefer. However, good quality tuna steaks can be bought from your local Jewel, 6 oz steak is about 4.99. 
As for the fettuccine al pomodoro, I buy the Priano brand from Aldi for a little more than two dollars. The are lovely in color and incredibly delicate in taste. I also buy wine at Aldi, a soft and smoky Pinot Grigio or dry Chardonnay is only 2.89 per bottle. As for the pantry list items, there is only an additional cost of about 1.50 per serving = $9.25

Depending on the number of guests/family members, you will need to buy enough to serve each a portion or 6 oz steak. Apply this logic to the amount of pasta cost and end costs. This meal was prepared for 2. The cost per serving - $9, including wine. For a family of 4, add additional steaks (depending adult/child) and additional pasta (Basics - 4 steaks @ 20.00 + tx, and an entire pkg. of pasta @ $4.50 +tx; @ 6.25 per serving). As for the pantry list items, there is only an additional cost of about 1.50 added to each serving = $7.75, excluding wine)

You will need to buy or should have on hand aside of the tuna steaks and fettuccine:


1 Onion
Olive oil
Fresh dill
Heavy Cream
1 Green pepper
Coconut oil
Parmesan Cheese
Softened cream cheese

Italian mixed herbs ( I just love using fresh from my garden: rosemary, oregano and mint)
I also like to use a mix of garlic powder, salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes which I mix myself. 

To begin -
Start on a high gas flame a large pot for cooking the pasta (fill with water 'salt to taste' based on amount of pasta you need to cook)

Prepare tuna for cooking: place on paper towels to remove any excess packaging water or melting ice if bought from the fish monger.

Then in a covered skillet, melt 3 tbs. of coconut oil and 3 tbs of butter under low flame
Add 1/4 cup of Olive oil.
Dice your onion and green pepper, add to skillet
Let the onion and green pepper blacken on the edges only. 
Once they have blackened, add your steaks. Place them in the skillet between the onion and green pepper; make sure that the steaks have direct contact with the skillet. Cover and simmer on low.

In this time, the pasta water should be boiling. Add the amount of pasta you need to serve.
Stir occasionally as they roll in the boiling water.

Back to the steaks, they should be ready to turn over.
Now, you can cover the steaks (cooked side up) with the onion and green pepper leaving space around the edges of the skillet where you will add the heavy cream. 

The moment you add the cream, turn up the flame and let the skillet contents come to a vigorous bubbling for about 3 min. no more than 4.

By now, the pasta should be nearly cooked and ready to drain.
Set the skillet aside and drain the pasta. Put the pasta back into the pot you cooked it in and add a large dollop of butter and the same of the softened cream cheese, stir a bit and then pour on the heavy cream (about 1 cup). You can also add a little olive oil. Stir and add finely grated Parmesan cheese. Pour out your fettuccine onto a large white serving platter or low lipped bowel. Sprinkle with herbs

On an additional platter, place your steaks and then pour over the top the amazing creamy  'onion/green pepper' sauce you have created. Keep the edges of the platter clean and garnish with fresh dill.

And, there you go. Delicious!
Serve with a nice Chardonnay. 
For desert, I steep fresh dried mint leaves in hot water (tea) and serve with almond biscotti