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Monday, June 6, 2016

Brainy Advice ~ Its only Brainy when the Cook Says So!

A great cook or chef never serves a dish that they don't think is absolutely spectacular, mouth watering and beyond delicious. There are days though when experimentation flies in your face. There is no reason to be upset of mad when something burns or the taste buds aren't buzzing with delight. Even a brainy gourmet has bad days. It maybe stress related, a matter of time and handy food stuffs. That is why keeping a basic pantry is the brainy thing to do. *See side margin listing ~ "Brainy pantry items."


Always, remember what tastes good together. Fresh veggies with melted butter, light and yet creamy sauce on pasta or just roasted tomatoes with basil and oregano, grilled meat or fish and a salad. In a rush, even potatoes and cheese come together nicely.

This blog is as much about creative cooking as it is about basic food for thought. That's why its only brainy when the cook says so. You will find that dishes prepared by the Brainy Gourmet usually use a limited number of spices and ingredients as in food stuffs. That is because, being brainy means you can do something with very little, keeping simple, inexpensive and also time friendly.

This blog offers everyone simple information about brainy gourmet cooking at home that will please your family and or friends. Why? Because, the Brainy Gourmet knows that family and friends are the most valuable asset anyone can have.

     So...Call em home and keep em there!

~ Tutti a Tavola!

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