Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In Favor of Being Brainy ~ The Real McCoy vs. the Corporate Food Blog

I read a lot of sterile looking corporate food blogs and some are quite good in terms of their bold use of photographic ensembles depicting sophisticated meals accompanied by either long winded adverbial poetry or superlative adjective discussions on the use of expensive ingredients and cookware ... and some just insert a few short blips that say nothing.

From time to time one can wade through attractive stories about exotic food and in that sense the blog reads more like a deep and interesting article in National Geographic richly colorful but more often than not, on the shallow end, what it is like to live in a NY loft apartment. Such stories usually have nothing to do with simple frugal cooking and more to do with boasting of dinner party skills highlighting artistic presentation rather than a practical knowledge of frugal cooking.

Yet, what can be worthwhile, some such food blogs do provide detailed recipes which are helpful for anyone who doesn't have perfect pitch when it comes to home run taste; but even then you could agree a recipe that is not tried is not always true in taste. What a home gourmet really needs is information about how to cook with basic food items, whip up dinner up on the fly as in what to use when you have only so much to work with and time to do it in.

The Brainy Gourmet is me, its you. Because, the best home cook has a simple stocked pantry. Check the side margin on this page for what to always have on hand and how to build on that. You can also read Brainy Tips on the Brainy Gourmet webpage.

From years spent living abroad watching simple home cooks make incredible meals with very little, one comes to understand that cooking is more about love and sharing food than about exotic recipes and plate placement. A good home cook knows whats in the pantry and does not necessarily need a recipe with costly itemized ingredients that will likely never be used again. 

Follow the Brainy Gourmet and enjoy becoming a fast, frugal and deliciously good home gourmet! 

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