Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Its All in the Presentation

Brainy Humor ~ Guest Blogger My Mom

I hear that eating raw is good for you; but I can tell you from experience that eating raw foods causes gas, bloating and indigestion.  Steamed saves vitamins, boiling destroys them. Grilling is tasty and less fat but charcoal is bad. Grain is good, but now we are talking carbs and that is bad; besides grain is for animals.

We need dairy products but watch your cholesterol and if you are lactose intolerant better refrain. We need protein for our brain, but they say red meat is bad and chicken has too many hormones. What about Fish? The latest news is that some fish as in certain kinds are contaminated.

OK, then I guess we should just eat lots of fruits and veggies but that is not good either as many in their raw state are not easily digested and contain high levels of sugar; and we know that sugar is the main culprit.  Right? I am getting confused. What's left?

Let's maybe just keep it simple and drink coffee and some wine but not too much as it has harmful side-effects. Maybe just water, but then who has good water these days?

Relax ~ Moderation is always the key and remember that its all in the presentation!

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