Monday, March 23, 2015

Family is the Key to Good Society

Family makes it happen!

Whether its your family or mine, the key to good society is family. Speaking to you as a sociologist, I can tell you that in order to have a well associated cohesive 'good' society as in identity oriented by the same value system, we need to have the same kind of family: well associated (sharing in each others lives) and identity oriented as in cohesive (bonded/bonding). If your family is not like that and you want it to be then take a look around. There are plenty of groups, organizations that are out there to help you and your family. I am trying to help you with frugal food blogs. I encourage you to invite family members over or home for dinner - today, even if it is just for a bowl of hot soup and piece of wholesome bread.

We should make time everyday for family, not just once a week. Dinner time is the best time to do that. Food is meant for and used for celebration. We don't have to wait for Thanksgiving. Bring your family to the table of life and into good society and do it with good simple food. The best of course is with food that you cooked or someone in the family cooked. Why? Because, it shows family members that they are worth the time and trouble. You may not be a 'chef' but I bet you are a brainy gourmet. I have been blogging to help you do this. If you can't do some of the meals provided in the blog, that's ok. I have blogged meals for every budget. My favorite meal is the simplest - soup and bread.

Check out the Brainy Gourmet website and updating meal archives!

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