Friday, January 30, 2015

Blackended Food is Cajun Style, Really ~ Its all in the Presentation

Guest Blogger ~ My Mom

Blackening is a cooking technique made famous by New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme by which meat or fish is cooked in a cast-iron skillet that's been heated until almost red hot. Prudhomme's original specialty was blackened redfish. The food is customarily rubbed with a cajun spice mixture before being cooked. The extra-hot skillet combined with the seasoning rub gives food an extra-crispy crust.* Read more at:

You know... sometimes, food just gets 'blackened'. What can you do? Remember, its all in the presentation. For instance, once I made a pot roast and then got busy with the kids. Oops! Well, instead of getting mad at myself, I remembered that its all in the presentation. I learned this from my mother. She told me that we as housewives/homemakers must always be vigilant and watch for ways to salvage that special evening meal with our hubby and family. So, when things have gone terribly wrong in the kitchen and your man comes home and explains "What happened to the roast?" Reassure him that you are using a  not so modern cooking technique that was made famous by chef Paul Prudhomme.  
Explain that, currently, it is all the rage in the finest restaurants. You proudly announce that you will be serving blackened Angus roast beef with carrot medallions and new spring potatoes, blackened and served with a smooth blackened au ju. For dessert you are serving a blackened apple tart with a burnt black sugar glaze. And, don't forget to make that special extra dark roast coffee served black to sip afterwards on the deck.

Remind him that doctors have used charcoal to cleans the digestive track of poisons so your dinner will be a healthy way to improve the digestive system. 

Seriously, when it comes to eating blackened meat or fish or even charcoal grilled chicken or hamburger, just remember that "Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial" 1 COR 10:23

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